Hillsong Colour Conference: London 2015


My heart is just bursting out the seams today with excitement for a journey my m-i-l and I are embarking next year! Back story: When Gabriel and I visited Australia in the spring, we attended a few Hillsong services - which were out of this world amazing... & while there, they announced the 2015 Women's Colour Conference in London. My heart raced...

I've always had a passion for women's ministry and love the fellowship it brings. Did I mention Beth Moore will be one of the main speakers?  I instantly knew I wanted to be there and experience it with my best friend and women from around the world. And as God always works things out for His good, our church (which is now in the Hillsong Fam) had some extra tickets they were holding for women who were interested in attending.  God wink!

And today, I am extra excited because our tickets are finally confirmed! We will be in London celebrating our Savior with women from all over the globe in just a few short months!


I encourage you to check out a women's conference this year. I know it is intimidating being in a room full of unfamiliar faces, but I promise it will push you past your fears. I can't wait to update you on our journey to London and share all that we learn!