Terra Cotta Wind Chime Revival

The other day, I was at my mom in law's house helping her prepare for upcoming house renovations, when I came across this wind chime she no longer wanted. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I saw potential!

I found my


while on a recent trip to West Elm and decided to incorporate their Caribbean blue pallet.  A few coats of paint later, she now hangs outside our kitchen window.

I have to tell you, the painting didn't stop there. I also painted some terra cotta pots - but you'll have to wait for them to dry!


How to:

1. Clean with tooth brush and soap. Let dry.

2. Paint 3 coats of white acrylic craft paint.

3. Paint accent areas with color of your choice. ( I used 2 shades of blue)

4. Allow time to dry.

This project was really simple and luckily I had everything on hand. If you want a straight color block line, you could always use painters tape. For this project, I wanted it to look raw so I decided to freehand the lines.

Happy Tuesday!