The Power Of Prayer

Although I cannot say I do it as often as I'd like, last summer I began journaling my prayers. I have one notebook dedicated to sermon notes, favorite bible verses, words of encouragement and "prayer months". I love having all of this goodness in one spot because I know exactly where to turn to when I need some reassurance, direction and vision.

When I first started journaling my prayers, I was very short and to the point.

  • Lord help my husband while he travels 
  • Lord please bless our marriage
  • May your light shine through us no matter the circumstance

I found it pointless to go further in detail because I knew the Lord heard my heart, not just what was on paper. Little by little though, I couldn't help but write down my FULL heart. For me, journaling my prayers is a way to intimately talk to God - just him and I. Pouring out my heart on paper helps me feel closer to Him. I feel like I am writing a letter to my dearest friend. 

Months down the road, I love to look back and see what the Lord has done. Sometimes His answers are big, sometimes small, sometimes thought silence and sometimes left in the opposite direction than I'd envisioned. 

Prayer journals help you focus. They help you realized how blessed you truly are. They make you more thankful. They show you that God is the one in control and they remind you what to look back and give praise for. 

This month, my prayer journal was very full. I took down each person that came to mind and wrote my heart out with prayers on their behalf. It's amazing how many situations and circumstances come to mind at the exact moment you are taking time out to pray. God begins to flood your memory with so many hurts, losses, needs and cries to Him. 

Today, I encourage you to take 15 minutes. Grab a journal and go. Six months from now, you will look back and be astonished at the power of prayer.