Did the title get'cha? No need to fret. We adore our little home and will be staying in it for a while! BUT....

On Monday, our little blog is moving over to a new domain (!!) We've used blogger for the last 3 years (tear!) and although it's done a fine job, we are extra excited to link our current blog with our company website. What a relief it will be to streamline both.

When you come back to visit on Monday, you will be redirected to our new squarespace blog page. Make sure to subscribe by email so you can get the latest blog posts delivered right to your inbox.

P.S If you use bloglovin' you will be able to find us on their too!

Have a happy weekend my friends! Gabriel and I are headed up the Florida west coast today to meet my family at a beach house. Make sure to give your mama an extra kiss this weekend!!