Life Update 1.0

Last time I checked in with you, we gave the gender news on our still forming bundle of joy. Finding out the sex of our baby was really one of the best surprises we've ever experienced. I now understand those parents who wait until the day the baby is born - surprises are just so fun. Maybe next time around we too will wait. Who knows... 

In other news, we finally booked our baby-moon/3rd year anniversary trip later this fall and of course to no where other than the riveting west coast. We can't stay away. Seriously.  Honeymoon, year 1, year two, and now the baby-moon/year 3 trip. This year, we are road tripping San Francisco to San Diego. Let's pray this big ol' prego belly is up for all that walking, exploring and of course way too much eating.

The IBA Paper Goods wedding season is in full bloom this time of year. Each week has been filled with client chats, multiple deadlines, concept sketches and assembly lines. Thank the Lord for weekends! At this point, we have just about every 2015 fall/winter bride out the door and are so looking forward to the calm that comes with the holidays. 

This week, we launched a few products as West Elm local vendors at the Dadeland location and can't wait to share more details!

So what's the west elm local initiative you ask? Each season, West Elm store fronts have the opportunity to join in a wholesale partnership with local artists/makers from their state.

We were so thrilled when we found out our products were selected a few months back and can't wait to see a real life West Elm sku on the back. If you live in the Miami area, make sure to stop by the local maker section of the Dadeland store to take a peek at our work and the work of several other Florida makers. 

House renovations have almost come to a close. We are still waiting for last minute details, and I can't wait to share before and after photos with you -  the nursery is also coming together, just a tad bit slower. Our main focus was finishing the kitchen and master bath renos, but I'm so looking forward to changing gears soon and focusing on our babe's oasis. 

I know I've said this before, but I truly love the stage of life we are in. Pictured above: me, our cousin + my sister in law. All due in 2016. Talk about year of the babies for our family! 

I hope you enjoy this beautiful fall weather wherever you are. We are currently getting ready to head out of town for a conference in northern FL and are looking forward to the time away to refresh and recharge before the holiday rush comes around.

P.S Gabriel is headed to Cuba in just a few short weeks for a missions trip through Calvary. If you think about us this week, we'd appreciate your prayers over his trip, the people he will be serving and the message they will be spreading. I am so excited for him, I can't even begin to tell ya!