Brooklyn Livin'

For the past week, Gabriel and I have been tucked away in Brooklyn, New York, spending much time exploring, relaxing, tasting and learning. 

A few days ago, I attended an LH Calligraphy class in SOHO and absolutely loved it!! The teacher, Laura, was so talented and has mastered many calligraphic styles over her past 12 years in the business. I am excited to get back to our studio and practice new flourishes and fonts.

Last night, we also attended Hillsong NYC in the Best Buy Theater and it blew us away. The head pastor, Carl Lentz, was out of town, so we got to experience the youth pastor, Diego. 

How was your weekend? Did the weather cooperate with your plans? We've been sweltering hot here, like hotter than MIAMI, people?! Sun and concrete are not very friendly. Thankfully, today was cooler thanks to a down pour of rain. 

Looking forward to heading back home in a few days and seeing our little Gari. Happy Monday, friends!