Day Dreaming Of Our Life Circa: 1 Year Ago

Whoever invented holidays must have been a very wise person. There is something about this time of year that makes people




for summer months to appear.

Last spring break, we ventured to the great ol' land down under, thanks to my

over traveled 

husband and his stacked high skyline miles. While in Australia, we stayed with our dear friend


, who had just moved there "for a year" to be an au pair. You can read how her story turned out



God laughs when we say we are in control, people. 

On our way to Aussie, we had a layover in LA which totaled our trip to 24 hours. 


Totally worth it though!! We spent most of our 17 days abroad wandering through Sydney and her surrounding areas. We


a trip to the great barrier reef, but had to reconsider due to monstrous fall weather. Ten hours into our flight back, we stopped in Hawaii for 5 days and stayed in a little quaint cottage on the northern rim of Oahu. (

If you are considering this trip, I want you to know that the extended layover in Hawaii didn't cost extra - contact to your airline co before you book and see what they can offer - we fly through American Airlines


When I travel, I always come back in awe of this amazing place we call our


home. The way God orchestrated such beautiful landmasses and geography together blows my mind.


Next week, Gabriel and I are headed to Jamaica, to visit the same spot we got


at four years ago. That little island sure holds a special place in our hearts. A few days into the trip, my in-loves will be joining us for some much needed rest + relaxation.

You don't have to travel to a fancy place to see the beauty of this world, friends. Plan a picnic, go on a hike, plant a garden or simply hop in the car + wander to a place unknown.

Happy Springtime!

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