Bondi Beach, Australia

Since back from Australia, I've been constantly asked what my favorite part was - and to be honest that question is tough. There were so many beautiful parts of Australia and we just explored a tiny part of it. The country is huge, vibrant, lush and so full of energy!

While in Sydney, we had the pleasure of staying with my good friend Abby and got to know the lay of the land through her adorable Aussie boyfriend, Alex. Of all the places we went together, there was one place in particular I'll never forget. 

-Let me introduce you to Bondi Beach-

Bondi is a suburb located just south of Sydney. While in Bondi,  you will find bicyclists riding along the coast, dog lovers strolling on the Bondi to Bronte walk, children splashing and surfers in the very cold, COLD water. After our day trip to Bondi, Alex and Abby took us to a local spot on the beach for lunch where we got to relax, watch some aussie rules (it's their version of football) and chat the afternoon away!

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