My Go-To "Winter" Attire

Living in Miami, the temperature never really drops below 65 degrees. Lately, its been hotter than usual - so you can forget about throwing on anything more than this.

In my perfect world, the temperature would be 70 degrees all year round. Why you ask? Because then I would get to wear this style all year round. While in Cali a few weeks ago, the weather was glorious. My everyday wear usually involved a pair of boots, jeans, a button down and a sweater. If I had to pick one word to describe my style, it would have to be classic. I do not like overly complicating my outfits. I like crisp lines, simple pattens and neutrals (excluding black).

This outfit it perfect for a running errands, grabbing coffee with a friend or walking around the country side as we did.

What's your go-to "winter" attire? 

Erica DiazBeauty1 Comment