Hi, friend! My name is Erica Diaz and I am the blogger behind Inspired By Above. This blog is a collection of things that inspire me: recipes, crafts, wedding tips and wife stories to name a few. About a year ago, my husband and I started a paper co. that has been thriving ever since and we are so humbled everyday by your support to our little dream!

  My husband, Gabriel, and I are both Florida natives and currently live in Miami, Florida. During the day, you will find me working as a christian elementary school 'mod librarian' and my husband as a 'cool sales guy'.

The newest member of the family is our french bull dog, Gari. He is our pride and joy. Aside from spending time together as a family, we love to travel, try new foods, garden, cook, explore the city and hang out in our humble abode.

We owe all of our inspiration to God and are thankful for the desires He has placed our hearts.  I hope this blog brings inspiration to your life and helps you focus on the simple things life has to offer.