Spring London Travel Essentials

Spring London Essentials

Spring London Essentials




lined jeans

In one week, mum and I head to London for the

Hillsong Color Conference

. We will be staying in the city for a couple of days before the conference begins. If you have any London travel tips, please send our way! We are in the process of creating our itinerary. 

As of now, we have the popular main attractions down and plan to take public transportation everywhere. The weather looks to be pleasant during our stay. Highs in the 6os, lows in the 50s. It will be nice to get away from the Miami heat for a bit. 

I am packing lighter than usual since we plan to take one carry on each for a smoother airport experience.  A few chunky sweaters, jeans, boots, tailored shits and scarfs should do the trick! 

P.S To my iba brides: I'll be checking my inbox in the evenings after the conference, so if you receive a 4am email, you'll know why - thank you for your patience. We appreciate you! 

Happy Tuesday Friends!