Around The Diaz House Lately...

Happy Friday friends. I apologize for the crickets around here lately! I promise I've had every intention of writing to you, but the weeks seem to keep passing by and the clock doesn't stop.

Last week was spent prepping for a shoot at

The Temple House

with some local creatives. I cannot really share many photos until they are published - so in the meantime, I shared a behind the scenes of our hand lettering/water color process.

Check us out on @ibapapergoods for more details on the shoot!

In other news...



is quickly approaching. If you are new around here, my mum and I are crossing the pond to attend the Hillsong Colour Conference BY OURSELVES ;) Our husbands are a little anxious about this one as you can imagine.

- This weekend, my parents and sister are headed down for a cousin's wedding on the beach. Although I am sure there won't be much relaxing with so much happening, I hope to sneak some rest in before Monday shows up.

- Our inboxes have been flooded with fall/winter wedding invitation requests and we couldn't be more honored. Thank you friends + clients for believing in our



- Is it summer yet? I look forward to a long 2.5 months of sunshine, laziness and an easy schedule.

That is all. Have a good one!