5 things you'll never catch me without


 I've worn glasses since age five, and have gotten used to them as a permanent part of my life. They are primarily use for reading, seeing afar and computer work.  Every couple of years, I update my frames to fit with the times. A few months ago, I was introduced to


company and couldn't have been more pleased with their service, quality, process and mission.


I usually wear makeup everyday, unless on vacation that involves beach time. Some days are lighter than others though, especially summer days in Miami. On lighter days, I tend to wear the minimum - concealer, bronzer and blush. But of the three, concealer has always been my favorite. It instantly makes a face brighter and more alive.


This year, my mom gifted me a simplified planner and I cannot begin to tell you the benefits it's had on my life - especially when juggling a small business + a day job at the same time. Since age 14, a planner has always been a part of my life. Gabriel laughs about it now, and gets nervous whenever something gets marked because he knows how I feel about a "change of plans". It's a good reminder, though. Changing plans and all. We are


 in control of anything... I am still working through this one.  

Lately, pencils have become my best friend ;) 


Since I am on the go a lot and find inspiration in all types of settings, carrying a notebook helps when I need to jot an important thought, sketch a pattern I saw or remember a quirky favorite word or phrase.

polka dotted binder

Since opening

iba paper goods

around 1.5 years ago, this binder has literally been my right hand. Inside you can find all sort of client notes divided into many categories. Lately, alongside my binder, I've been using


as a digital means of organizing. As soon as a client sends me an update, I pop it into their "notebook" and eliminate the need to sift through hundreds of emails when I need tto retrieve the info again.

So, that's my list in a nutshell. What are you everyday goods? 

Happy Friday!