A Weekend With My Valentine

Our weekend was spent pretty low key - lounging around in pjs until late afternoon, sitting on our porch enjoying the soflo winter, stuffing our faces full with lemon ricotta pancakes, and a whole lot of family time spent around my in-love's garden. I long weekend "getaways" at home with nothing on the agenda but relaxing + unwinding.

In other news...

- Our godson was born last week at a full 4 lbs and we absolutely love this little peanut! Follow along on instagram to see more @ericaddiaz or #llanezajourneytobaby

- The countdown to our spring break getaway has officially begun!

- I attended an Association of Bridal Consultants workshop this past week with a dear friend,


, from

Unearthed Vintage

. The topic was on financials and gaining a better business sense and featured Michelle from

Sage Wedding Pros


-We are pretty excited about upcoming consultations this week, some from brides we met at the West Elm Wedding

Pop Up Shop


- We start our 2015 married couple's

connect group

 (round 2) tonight!!

- Most of my mornings have consisted of coffee + calligraphy, a dreamy combo, I know!

- My

Warby Parker's

should be arriving in the mail any day now.

- My heart has been yearning to be a better friend lately. To those who are friendly and to those who are not. I am drafting a "what's on my heart" post for later this week so make sure to check back.

Happy Monday Friends!