A Countryside Getaway

Yesterday, I shared my


on the the beautiful nature Miami has to offer. Most people equate Miami with her beautiful beaches, fast paced lifestyle and trendy fashion...but my friend, I am here to tell you there is so much more!

Over the past four years of living in this very developed city, I have grown to truly love it. My advice to any newcomer is always the same - if you get lucky enough to find your "niche" in this big ol' place, the city will become smaller, and you may never want to leave.


This weekend, Gabriel and I took my in-love's south, to a glorious tropical countryside known as "The Redlands", formerly a part of 

Everglades National Park

. During the early 1900's this area of land was drained to make way for new construction and farmland. If you ever make your way to the southern tip of Florida, make sure to stop at a plant nursery + edible garden or two along the way!

Favorite Spots:

Burr's Berry Farm 

Mange Cafe 

R.F Orchid 

Cauley Square 

P.S If you are interested in


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