Hooray! Our New + Improved Website Is Live!

Today, as we prepare for the release of our new website, we are filled to the brim with joy seeing the direction our little co. is headed. Thinking back a year ago, we would have never imagined the opportunities that have recently come our way. And although Gabriel and I are the ones running this shop, we know who is working behind the scenes. To Him be the glory. We are so humbled and honored to have the opportunity to share this new website with you!

Well, are you ready to see it? Click 


 to be redirected to our portfolio site.

If you have any questions on placing custom orders, please contact us at erica@inspiredbyabove.com - We are working hard to answer all of the emails from last week's West Elm pop up shop!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the full recap of the event. We had a blast meeting new couples, vendors and seeing many of our friends and family come to support!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

P.S If you live in the Miami area, enjoy the cool weather and sunshine! I know I am spending every moment I can outdoors.