Top 3 Artisan Coffee Roasters In Portland

As mentioned in my last post about


, the coffee culture there is spectacular. Gabriel and I enjoy visiting artisan coffee roasters wherever we go! When we found out the owners of our favorite local coffee shop were transplants from PDX, we knew we had to pay a visit! 

When you google "best coffee in Portland", about fifty hits pop up. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, we decided to go down the list one by one, starting with


. You see, we first visited Stumptown while on our honeymoon in Seattle and heard the HQ were in PDX. Ekk!! 

The original location is tucked in a "not so good" part of town, but when you walk in, you sort of forget. Upon first glance, you are greeted with beautiful wood planked floors and tall ceilings of brick. This location was probably one of the largest coffee shops I've ever been to. As you sip your latte, make sure to admire the floor to celling record lined walls - which are played throughout the day.

Ristretto Coffee Roasters

. Quaint neighborhood coffee shop with lots of wood beams and bright colored walls. The brick and mortar of the co. wasn't one of my favorites, but if I had to put a number ranking on the coffee, this place would top as my second favorite in PDX, landing before Stumptown. Roasted to perfection.

And last but definitely not least,


. The mecca of all coffee shops in our opinion. While in PDX we visited two of  five locations. One was nestled beside our hotel with an upscale NYC feel. On the other side of the river, was a neighborhood location filled with morning light and eclectic decor - think 1940s gentlemen's club.

So while in PDX, give these three a try and let me know what you think! Feel free to leave your favorites in the comments below! 

P.S We love coffee. If you're ever in the cities listed below, make sure to have a cup on us!



San Francisco