Paper Calendars + Date Books

The other day while in Orlando, we paid a visit to the original

Rifle Paper Co

. Anna Bond is one of my favorite artists! A kraft paper bag full of goodies later, the visit was complete! My mum in law was kind enough to purchase a

2015 world travel calendar

for my studio and today I am going to give you a peek inside!

This calendar is a perfect gift for any teacher, mom, freelancer or anyone who appreciates flowery art. The calendar is currently nestled on the corner of my desk waiting for the new year to ring in.


Speaking of calendars, last year I made the switch to a digital date book but have since left it. I found it overly complicated to remember to plug everything in while on the phone and had issues when my drive was down.

I love the simple ease of an actual date book where I can flip the pages, mark all up and carry around. For 2015, I almost made the plunge and purchased my

dream planner

, but decided to hold off until next year. In the meantime, I've been enjoying this academic 



which I purchased from Barnes & Nobles for a steal in the summer)

for appointments, trips, invitation deadlines and days off!

So which do you prefer? Have you made the switch to digital?