Children's Book Holiday Gift Guide

Who doesn't love a beautifully written and illustrated children's book? Even before I was an elementary librarian, I truly appreciated the art of children's literature. The way authors set out to display life lessons through short, sometimes very humorous stories, is invaluable. And let's just stop for a moment and talk about my favorite part, illustrations (!!!). There are so many details that go into creating a wonderful picture book: fonts, paper type, mediums. All so unique, yet all so lovely!

Below is a short guide of new and old titles that I believe children of any age will enjoy! I've read and reread them many times, so if you have questions, I'd love to be a resource for you!


My Teacher is a Monster! No I am Not. 

- Last year, I got the privilege of meeting Peter Brown at a school visit and was instantly drawn to his talent. This is his latest title, based on a childhood experience of a "monster" teacher (

which we've all had

) who reveals another side of herself on a walk to the park one day. Great story for teaching children lessons on judging others and school behavior.


The Dark 

- The dark lives in the same house as the main character, but it mostly stays in the basement. Until one night, it travels elsewhere. Great story for teaching children lessons on overcoming fear.



 - Tale of a girl who adopted a pet sloth, and although she has grand dreams for her sloth, he has something else in mind with their relationship. Great for teaching children responsibility and purpose.


The Missing Piece Meets the Big O

 - A tale of shapes. Some fit and some do not. This story really touched me. I must warn you - though simple illustrations, this book contains a powerful message of identity and loving yourself for who you are.


One Cool Friend

 - A tale of a proper young man who goes to the museum with his dad, and comes home with more than he bargained for. A beautifully written story that ties in with the classic, Mr. Popper's Penguins.


Mister Bud Wears the Cone

 - A tale of two dog brothers - one who's a bit naughty and one who is nice. When Mr. nice guy has a bad itch on his face and is left wearing "the cone" some trouble occurs. Great for teaching lessons on kindness, honesty and love.


Mix It Up!

 - You'll forget you're even reading during this book. It is written in the form of a "press here" game. Great for teaching lessons on following directions, abstract concepts, colors and mixing.


Three Bears in a Boat 

- A tale of three brothers who break mom's precious treasure. By the end of the story you will feel as though you've traveled the whole world with the three bears, in hopes to find what was right on the shore of their home all along. Great for teaching lessons on honesty.



 - First picture book I've seen with the main character as a french bull dog. Melt my heart (!!) Great for teaching lessons on being unique, showing kindness and family relationships.


Balloons Over Broadway 

- Beautiful biography of Tony Sarg, creator of the Macy's Day parade marionettes. Definitely a holiday favorite! Great for teaching children relevant history and that anything is possible!