How To Throw A Successful Gender Reveal

A few months ago, we helped our cousins plan their

gender reveal party

. From the beginning, they wanted a balloon release reveal and did not want to find out until the event. -----> Insert my role - The Box!

All you need is a 1) large box + 2) a dozen helium balloons (pink or blue). We bought the balloons the afternoon of the party and tried our best to seal the box shut. While stuffing the box, I did have to pull Gabriel in the room to help - those balloons can get tricky!

When planning a gender reveal party, make sure to have someone to gather the "top secret info" without spilling the beans. If you want to keep it a surprise, let the technician know your plans ahead of time.

The day before the party, my cousin when to the doctor to have the ultrasound. From there, she went straight to our house to avoid any late night peeking temptations! I think it's best for the parents-to-be to make the appointment a day or two before the event date to avoid anxious waiting!

This gender reveal was the second one I've attended and loved the way it turned out. Gabriel and I have decided, when the time comes for us to have a little one, we want to find out the sex at the appointment together first and then throw a reveal party to surprise our family and friends!

Are you thinking of throwing a gender reveal party soon? Here are some of my favorite ideas ideas:

Dessert Reveal 

Balloon Release 

Hand Print Reveal 

Silly String Reveal 

Scratch Off Card Reveal 

P.S If you want to capture the moment in a special way, designate someone to either take photo or videos! You will be happy you did!