Around The Diaz House Lately...

Now that I am back to work, the weekends seem more glorious than ever! This weekend we have plans to lounge around the house, visit our favorite local coffee shop and attend a dinner party hosted by close friends. It seems like it's been a while since I've caught you up on what's been going on in our lives...

-We started attending an obedience class with Gari, but didn't make it past the second week because my m-i-l's poor boston terrior got very sick from the facility. Needless to say, we did



-My family drove down last weekend to spend time with us and celebrate my birthday! My little sis even got to come to work with me to help set up my library. She is going into her junior year Monday.... where has the time gone?!

-Our invitation shop is so blessed right now. We just started working on our 2015 wedding orders! Aside from invitations, our little shop has been extra busy with back to school prints, poster, name tags, welcome signs - you name it! Never did I image filling up the walls of teacher's classrooms, but I must say, I do love the joy it brings to both the teachers and students.

-We are starting a new small group with married couples - our age. I've been waiting to join one like this for a while and am so thankful God allowed it to fall into place.

-Gabriel and I are heading north next weekend to St. Augustine! It seems like forever since we've had a mini getaway,  just the two of us. I am extra excited because he has never been to this part of our state. If you have any St. Augustine tips, please send them my way. For those of you who've never been, its a charming little town filled with history, beautiful beaches and lots of coziness.

-I got accepted into the Blogher community as a social media influencer! Since I started blogging, around 3 years ago, I have been trying to join this community. After many applications, I was finally accepted - and on my birthday!

-I am in the process of trying to find a GREAT children's book author to visit our school this year. Last year we had a couple, but my favorite by far was

Peter Brown

! Can you suggest any?

-I've gotten into the


studies and really love them! There is something so calming about starting the day on a positive note.  I need to make a better effort to sticking to it every morning though. Somedays I let lunch making, laundry and invitation orders get in the way.

Happy Friday sweet friends!