An Adventurous Marriage

I'm often asked what the best part of marriage is. Marriage is a beautiful thing. A blend of love, learning, commitment, growth, changing and becoming. I believe every year you experience a different side of your marriage. Different stages of life, new found hobbies, closer connections and deeper growth.

The amount of growth that happens when your partner whole heartedly believes in you, leads you, understands your dreams and pushes you to be all that you can be never ceases to amaze me. Marriage does just that. A good, healthy, Christ centered marriage. It leaves you better off than you were before.

I truly want to bring emphasis on my take of a "Christ centered" marriage because it's the only thing has worked. Without this, we would not be where we are. His grace has allowed us to love abundantly and unselfishly. With His direction and guidance, you learn to treat your spouse with a deeper respect. You see your spouse through His loving eyes.

Then there are days when the evil root of comparison over takes my mind. I've learned this way of thinking will not lead you down the right path. Learn to love the stage you are in, whether it be marriage, singlehood or somewhere in between.

One thing Gabriel & I love about the current stage we are in, is the freedom to explore. Waking up beside each other to see what awaits. I recommend this in your marriage. Go on adventures together - in the beginning, middle and end. Experience new things. Talk to strangers. Eat great food. While doing these things, you will begin to feel an even deeper sense of oneness. Take pride in an adventurous marriage.