Accessory Storage Solutions On A Budget

When we moved into our humble 1950s home about two years ago, closet space was one thing we noticed our bedroom lacked. At first to solve the solution, I put my accessories in the guest bedroom but quickly realized the system would just not work on busy mornings.

Then it hit me... instead of candles, vases, lanterns and frames on every piece of furniture, why not use this space to hold our accessories? All it took was a trip to Home Goods, a jute covered bulletin board ($7.99) and some colorful storage boxes ($6.99) later and viola, it worked!

The boxes are great for hiding smaller pieces - earrings, rings, bracelets etc. We even bought two so my husband could have his own! Having never been a huge accessory gal in the past, I used to wear the same earrings and watch daily. Now with this system, I am reminded daily of the accessories I should be utilizing.

How do you store your accessories?