Thoughts On An Eclectic Home

Today I'm going to share some new things we've added to our home this month. Keep in mind, new things don't have to equal expensive. There are many ways to decorate your home on a budget.  Trust the girl who is a big believer in the clearance section!

- Original painting of Pinar del Rio, Cuba (the place where my dad-in-law was born, gifted by my in-laws) Isn't she a beauty?! She faces our front door and is the first thing you see when you walk in. I spy a nosey frenchie in the background! ;)

- My studio desk (


) We got 2 table tops, 8 legs and somehow pulled it together. I'm loving the L shape!

-Coffee table frenchie plate (

west elm

) I. could. not. resist.

-Side table (Originally purchased from 


 but was given to us as a hammy down from my in-laws) My mom-in-law and I have practically the same style so when she gets rid of something, guess who has a happy day?!

-Gabriel's desk & chair (hammy down from the school I work at - score!) His office is still in progress though...

-Framed wedding picture (thrift store & large photo ordered from Shutterfly)

-Pillows & throw (

west elm


pottery barn


Our house is made up of different pieces that entirely do not match, yet still "eclectically" flow.  You don't have to spend a fortune to make your house look cozy.  I believe mixing and matching is what gives this home such a unique feel. You don't want to walk into a house and see the "cookie cutter syndrome." Mixing new with old is my favorite approach.  We love knowing that the hammy down pieces have a story.

In other news:

Yesterday while at the mall, I found myself walking through the home section of every store... and then it hit me. I enjoy house shopping WAY more than I enjoy clothes shopping. I never thought I would see the day..

What are your thoughts on eclectic finds? Do you have any pieces with a story?