My Favorite Children's Book

Often times I get asked by my students, "Mrs. Diaz, what is your favorite children's book?", and I usually have a tough time answering this. I love many children's books, all for different reasons. Some have lovely illustrations, some teach great values, some are funny and some (like the classics) are just beautifully written.

If I had to pick one though, it would have to be

Miss Rumphius

. My dad used to read it to me before bed, and although it never left my mind, I somewhat forgot about the story.

Since the school year is coming to an end in just one short week, I have the duty of going through every book in our library and giving it a thorough inspection.. and guess what I stumbled upon last week...

Miss Rumphius

, The Lupine Lady.

I quickly grabbed it off the shelf and began reading it all over again. Memories flooded my mind and the same heartfelt story spoke to me so many years later.

In honor of my favorite book - There is now a print available in

my shop

inspired by Miss Rumphius for only $10.00 and comes beautifully packaged. Each print is printed on high quality 100lb card stock and features hand painted watercolor lupines.

Have you ever read Miss Rumphius? What is your favorite children's book?