Around The Diaz House Lately...

If you came to our house this past weekend, you'd find paper and boxes everywhere. For a good reason of course... we found/purchased my desk and set up Gabriel's home office all in the same day. We are so excited to be working side by side this summer.

I will share details on my studio desk later this week - in the meantime, here is what we've been up to:

- Miami Beach (although we live close, we do not make the trip as often as we should). This will soon change! We've decided to try and go at least once a week this summer. I love trips to the about a #1 stress reliever! By the way, isn't my mom in love just adorable? Check out her classic Ray Bans and fedora. Talk about style.

- Eating lots of avocados. Up until last year, Gabriel and I were not avocado fans. Fast forward one year, and we can't get enough of them - on chicken, in guac, in a burrito, with chips... we love them! Luckily my in laws have a tree in their backyard too!

- Filling lots of hand lettered envelope orders and experimenting with watercolors! I love handwritten addresses - they really set the mood for any occasion. Ditch labels and practice your letters! I promise it will make worlds of a difference. Keep your eye out for a pineapple wedding collection coming this summer!

- Afternoons spent with this chunk are the best. We just can't get enough of his funny noises and personality. If you haven't met a frenchie in real life, I suggest you do! They are little hams.

- Playing golf and taking walks at a neighborhood club we recently joined. Let's talk about amazing landscaping and ocean breeze! Not to mention the many peacocks that live there. I plan on taking advantage of this place during the summer. Speaking of summer... it is only 4 glorious days away... praise the Lord!

Hope you have a happy Tuesday - even though it feels like a Monday!