At The Diaz House Lately...

Now that we finally feel settled back home, life has been pretty laid back around here and I am not complaining!

- We spent Eater Sunday at my in-law's. It consisted of delicious lunch, quality time spent on the patio and sweet conversations.  Easter Sunday church was also great.. there was a true celebration in those 4 walls! At one point during the service, my mom in law and I turned to each other and said we felt like Jesus really did just rise for the first time that day. It was so nice celebrating our heavenly father in such a big way! And our church just announced becoming part of the Hillsong Family! For details on our church, visit



-Gabriel and I accomplished the daunting task of cleaning our shed and took the first steps of transforming our "junk" room into his home office. Slowly but surly, we're getting there! Within the next couple of weeks, he is going to make a desk for my studio and he'll take the desk I currently use. I am so excited for my new table because it's going to work so much better in the space!

-Gari has been great. Lovable as ever! We will be babysitting my in-law's puppy, Cortez, this weekend and I'm sure they will have the best time together!

-Started digging deep into the book of Ruth! She is my favorite female bible character. I've learned so much about redemption and restoration through her story.

-Here is a sneak peek at a project I've been working on in the studio! DIY clothesline card tutorial coming very soon!

-Our Aussie friends got engaged this past weekend and are planning to get married in December! They were so kind to give us their invitation order. We cannot wait to celebrate the special day with them!

-My little and sweet godson,


, are in town visiting family. I love when they come down! I sure do miss my sweet friend, living so far away. I got lucky that her parents live down the street! A trip home to visit family always includes visiting me too!

-I've been working on the first steps of modern calligraphy and absolutely love it! I have so much respect for those that have dedicated hours to this craft. It sure isn't easy!

How was your Easter?

I was blessed with the day off today and am using every moment of it to get caught up on orders, clean our house and run errands to get ready for the week. It's always a good day when you can start it with morning shows, coffee and your frenchie!