Kitchen Door Chalkboard

Yesterday afternoon, I got this crazy urge to rush home and finish our kitchen door chalkboard project. I painted the door on Sunday and had to wait 3 days before touching it again. (3 days people!!) That is an entire century when you are that excited to finish something.

Moving on... after following the same process I followed with our home office chalkboard door, I began sketching out and planning this one. Font research, drawings, measuring, spacing. A lot went into the behind the scenes.

On a side note, this week while doing many hours of modern calligraphy research, I came across Molly and was totally smitten with her art. One thing I took from reading from her was the fact that she measures everything out before beginning. Imagine that concept - Brilliant! Although this is not the time efficient, I did notice better results.

So here's to a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus today!

Happy Friday!

P.S Not sure what's wrong with him here. Maybe he finds having four chalkboards in one house a bit obnoxious. I will stop soon.

Erica DiazComment