DIY Chalkboard Door

Since we've moved into our house, we've made it a goal to make it represent us. From the soft colors to plantation shutters and mix of textures, we're well on our way of creating a home that reflects our style. And when I say OUR style, I actually mean our style. God knew what he was doing when he gave us our taste. We have the exact same taste in just about everything home. This small coincidence, I sure am thankful for.

So now we can move onto the topic of chalkboards. Who isn't swooning over them? Black and white art you can change at the drop of a hat, turn of a season. Let's do it! My dream would be to have exactly 3 chalkboards in our home.

 1) home office 2) pantry 3) dining room

Now I know what you are thinking.. why on earth would you need 3 chalkboards in one little home? Glad you asked.  Home office = glorious to do list. Pantry = weekly menu/calendar. Dining room = seasonal graphic.

And there you have it. One day all three will be up and running. As for now, we are 1/3 of the way there and have a whole lot of paint left over. Hint, hint hubby!

DIY Chalkboard in 5 Simple Steps 
1. Wash surface & let dry.
2. Paint 2 to 3 liberal coats of chalkboard paint.
   (We choose Rust-Oleum brand and were really satisfied)
3. Let sit for 3 days.
4. "Chalk prime" the entire surface.
5. Wipe down & begin!

Even Gari got into it!