Around The Diaz House Lately

We've been swamped over here lately - like barely able to get our heads out of water, swamped. Two weeks ago, Peter Brown flew into town to present at my school and I dedicated many hours to his visit.

Last week was National Reading Day and it was the first year we decided to celebrate it big. When I say big I mean- book character parade, writer's workshops, guest authors, guest readers, creative writing contest, poetry sessions, Young Thespian Competition, Dr. Seuss land, and tour around Narnia - all in one day big. Talk about planning and prepping! All in all, it was a huge success, the students loved it and best of all, we made reading look cool!

Over the weekend, we took a day trip to Naples with the in laws, grabbed lunch, laughed at our puppies and did some shopping. Sunday was spent with breakfast, church, golf, grocery shopping, and invitation making. I've had several large orders within the past month, and have been working on putting together a master portfolio to show at upcoming bridal meet ups! 

Other Randoms: 
- Gari is 100% back to normal. No more tummy troubles. Thank God!!
- My sister turned 16. We can't wait to celebrate her next month. 
- Gabriel is in the process of laying sprinklers in the yard. 
- My lemon tree is showing her first signs of fruit. 
- We booked our Spring Break/5 years together anniversary trip. More details to come!
- I am in love with Trader Joe's. 
- We've put new artwork up on the walls.
- My JV cheerleading season came to an end. 
- My husband is a true teacher's husband. His hard work/help blew me away this week. 
- We've been going through our Nespresso capsules like water with the many late nights. 
- I am currently seeking a new local high quality print shop for upcoming invitation orders. Can you recommend any?

Happy start to your week! Make it a good one! 

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