My Favorite Blow Dry Tools

Lately I've been experimenting with different hair products and tools - due to a collapse in my dryer. After many hours of heat and damage, I decided I should work towards figuring the best methods to protect my hair.

Hair Type: thin, curly, frizzy and oily. Sounds attractive - So now that you know my hair type, you can understand why I need to work at making it manageable.


Aquage- I've been using this product for over 2 years and really does what it says. This product is a volumizing uplifting foam. Before blow drying, I section off my hair and spray horizontal lines of the product directly onto my scalp. Not only does this product help with volume, it also makes my blowouts last longer without looking oily. Make sure that you blow dry after applying the product - if not, you will be left with a gunky build up.

GVP Matrix Sleek Look- I love this generic line of products sold at Sally's. When you compare the ingredients, they really are exactly the same - at 1/4 of the cost! This product is used as a styling cream/heat protectant. I apply it to the ends of my hair only.

Jilbere (porcelain series hair dryer)- I just purchased this dyer last week after reading many reviews on it and it works much better than my last dryer that cost over $100. The cost of the new one you ask...$38. It is currently on sale this week so make sure to snag one for yourself! What isn't there to love about this dryer. It's quiet, light weight, heavy duty and makes your hair shiny & smooth. In the past, I always had to straighten after I blow dry, but with this dryer, my hair is left with so much volume and shine.

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