Franklin Covey Conference

A few weeks ago, my school sent me to my first professional development seminar in Orlando, Florida. When I found out I was going, I was beyond excited to experience what it'd be like to go on a "business trip" and most of all to soak up all that I could learn.

The speaker of the conference used to head the Dubai offices of the Franklin Covey organization. If you've never heard of this company, Stephen Covey, founder, wrote a book titled The 7 Habits of High Effective People. Although he is no longer around to share his knowledge, his company is still spreading his legacy.

This conference could apply to any occupation. I just happened to be in a room full of administrators and teachers, so it was tailored to us, but many companies invest in this training.

The facilitator started the day by asking you to imagine your 80th birthday. Who are the people you would want there? What do you want them to say about you? What legacy did you leave?

Now, take all of those and ask yourself, what are you doing today to be the person you want to be then? Many of us spend our lives working at organizations that have mission statements, but do we create mission statements for our own lives?

For example, a mission statement could be simple.

To make a difference in all that I do....

This could apply to your job, family, ministry etc.

The purpose of this training wasn't just to make you a more rounded employee, it was to help you become a more rounded person. If you do not take time to do the things you love, you will quickly burn out and not be able to give your job everything you've got.

Another very helpful part of this training was their way of teaching how to handle time management. I thought I was good at time management? But was I really? How would I know the difference between good time management and badf time management? Take a look at the Covey way of thinking...

They teach you how to prioritize the big rocks (obligations) in your life.

After coming back from the conference, I felt like I had pressed a reset button. I was ready to walk into work Monday morning with all of my new time management skills.

Using the Franklin Covey model definitely takes practice but it does work. I noticed how much I accomplished the next week, and did not feel guilty if I didn't get everything done.

For more information on this subject, visit the Covey website.