Around Our House Lately...

As I sit here on this rainy Wednesday afternoon, I have a list of house chores pending... but to tell you the truth, cuddling with Gari and a cup of tea sounds way more enjoyable. These are the little moments you look back on and remember- not cleaning the windows, right? ;) There's always a later on.

Things have been pretty calm around here lately, which is a great thing! Last week I was sent to a Franklin Covey training in Orlando which was absolutely amazing (will share more later this week). When I got home, hubby was feeling pretty under the weather so we spent the weekend relaxing and trying catch up on things.

I did attempt cuban chicken noodle soup from scratch, which was pretty easy and very delicious. The recipe made so much that we ate it for days after! I am looking forward to wrapping up this work week and enjoying the weekend at our favorite pumpkin patch and sipping some coffee at our favorite spot.