Our First Marriage Retreat

Last weekend, Gabriel and I attended our first marriage retreat at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida. The event was put on by our church and had many guest speakers.

The weekend was a lovely get-a-way, packed with tons of information on how to be a better spouse. My favorite part of the weekend was the fact that we actually got down time to spend quality time with our other half. These are the times when the awesome conversations about dreams really unfold... and for us, it was heaven on earth spending time together because Gabriel has been traveling for work a whole lot this month.

Have you ever attended a marriage retreat? I would definitely recommend it to any couple.

Main points covered:
Where we come from and how that can effect us
Our dreams
The importance of having heros & mentors
Letting God become the third strand of our chord

Oh yeah, and we had to bring Gari because he hasn't had all of his shots yet. Hooray for a successful first family trip!

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