How To Throw A Football Birthday Party

Last week, we celebrated my husband's birthday several days in a row. When my birthday comes around, I really enjoy celebrating it for at least a week (maybe month), and wanted to do the same for his.

How to host a successful football party you may ask? Simple. Provide lots of food, seating and football!

On the weekend before his big day, I invited over close family & friends to enjoy some warm chili, homemade salsas and Football Sunday. We are actually big college football fans and wanted to host the party on Saturday, but it happened to fall on the week of the UM vs. UF game here in Miami, so we figured nobody would join since they were all at the stadium rooting for the Canes! We understood.

So Sunday it was.... which actually worked out splendid - I was able to dedicate Saturday to cooking/baking and house decorating.


Welcome to our party!

Tomatillo Salsa
Roasted Tomato Salsa
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Guacamole & Taqitos
Chili with Topping Station

Chocolate Covered Oreos/Cherries
Carvel Ice Cream Cake

Thanks for taking a peek into the party! If you would like any recipes from this party, ask away! They were definitely crowd pleasers!

Erica DiazEveryday LifeComment