A Typical Work Outfit

A Typical Day At Work

If you visited me at work today, you would probably find me wearing something very similar to this. School has officially been in session for one month and I am really finding myself fitting into my new role as the Learning Commons Specialist (aka technology/research chick). 

On a typical day, you will find me running up and down flights of stairs to man both of my stations. Our school is divided into the lower (k-2) and upper school (3-5) and I serve both. Between book check outs, cupcake parties, blogging, story time, research projects and digitizing our library, I make sure to always try and dress professional yet livable. Somedays I am on my knees for hours putting books away or crawling on the floor pretending to be a very hungry caterpillar  Have I mentioned I truly love what I do and am so humbled by the opportunity to touch the lives of children, even in such a simple way. 

Oh yeah, and my hair has been up lately in this bun-ish thing and guess what I am constantly hearing.... "Mrs. Diaz you look so much like a librarian now." It makes me laugh every time. I guess they are right. But hey, it sure keeps my hair out of the way! 

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