Over The Past Two Weeks...

Over the past two weeks, life has been pretty busy. We went from a quite summer to a jam packed schedule from one day to the next. I guess that is how August always goes right?

The Diaz house lately:

- We celebrated my 23rd birthday (which happened to fall on the first day of my new job). What better than to celebrate with a dream come true. That morning, my hubby woke up and made a special breakfast- And since we had celebrated with both of our families over the weekend, on the night of my birthday, I wanted to stay in and have a low key date night - so we did and it was perfect.

- On my first day of the new job, this is what I walked into. My project was to unpack the old library books (all 11,000) and have them shelved for open house. It got done... with a lot of help of course! And just one short week after the school's grand opening, we have have a fully functioning Learning Commons!

- I introduced my husband to the art of being married to a teacher. Many trips to Home Depot later, our projects are still not done.

- To end the busy week for both of us, we took it easy over the weekend and enjoyed some long walks near the water, day dreaming, sipping coffee and talking about our next travel plans in the fall!

I hope you have had a wonderful week and have an even better weekend. Tonight some friends are coming in town to go on a double date, tomorrow we are going to a local garden for some quite time together, and then a member from Hillsong United will be at our church in the evening. We love Hillsong.