A Tour Around Our Local Garden

On Sunday, Gabriel and I attended the 75th anniversary at Fairchild Tropical Garden and enjoyed $7.50 admission. If you've never been to this lush forest, I highly recommend it. Since moving to Miami, I've always wanted to visit but never wanted to pay the $50 entree fee for the both of us. But believe me, after going once, it is totally worth it to pay full price.

Upon entrance, we were escorted around the garden on a guided tram ride that took around an hour and a half. Once finished, we headed on our own exploration of the garden and nestled under a banyan with our picnic lunch.

The garden was created by Dr. David Fairchild and consists of many different habitats: a sunken garden, an arid dessert, a tropical rainforest, an edible garden, a butterfly conservatory and much more!