Summer Cookbooks

Last night, I had my in-laws over to thank them for taking care of our house while we were out. On the menu, I prepared a turkey lasagna, coffee and banana bread for dessert! I love having a reason to whip up a huge meal in the kitchen! Not to mention the aroma that floats around long after.

Along with one of my many hobbies, cooking would have to be #1. I just adore it.

And since I did not go to school for cooking, I try to acquire as much knowledge as I can through cookbooks! 

1) Tacos, Quesadillas & Burritos- Newest addition to my collection. Just purchased at Williams Sonoma this week and although I have yet to make anything from it, I fell in love with the book just by glancing at the first few pages. We love Mexican!

2) Sunday Brunch- My absolute favorite breakfast cookbook - filled with many easy to follow, original delicious recipes. My favorite are the blueberry, ricotta cheese pancakes. Out of this world yum!


3) Memories of a Cuban Kitchen- I love digging into authentic Cuban food and this book is wonderful, it has great dishes and is filled with memories of growing up in Cuba.

4) The Columbia Restaurant Spanish Cookbook- Have you ever been to the Columbia Restaurant? It started in Tampa (my homeland) and it is filled with many rich Spaniard dishes. If you've never been, you must check it out, and if it's just too far, the cookbook will suffice for now.

5) Cook with Jaimie Oliver- On the last day of school, a student gave me this book. I really like it because of the professional tips Jaimie shares and yummy meals he prepares.

While on the subject of food, make sure to come back tomorrow & see how I've been preparing my brussels sprouts! I promise you will love them!

Today I am headed to my sister's new house to spend the day with her- she is also a teacher and has a very free schedule this summer which means more time to spend together!

Sweet Day.