My Thoughts On Peru

As I mentioned before, we have spent last week in Peru for my husband's job. Peru is one of his favorite countries to travel to for work (his region consists mostly of Central and South America). And now, I see why.


culture & architecture:

 Before arriving in Peru, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been anywhere in South America. To my surprise, I loved everything about it! The people, places and site were all so nice!

Some things to learn before you go: 

1) Chicha- a popular drink that you can find anywhere. It is made out of corn and looks like grape juice. Very sweet but very tasty.

2) Lomo Saltado- a popular peruvian dish that consists of slow cooked beef, onions, papas, white rice and corn. Between my husband and I, we may or may not have ordered 6 plates of this by the time we left!

3) Lima- The capital of Peru is a beautiful place but you have to remember that you are not in the US. Be careful when walking around. Try not to carry a purse and be aware wherever you go. The architecture makes you feel like you are in Spain (since the Spanish were the ones who built it when they tried to take over many years ago).

4) Underground Graveyards- Under almost every cathedral in Lima, you can find an underground graveyard and are able to walk into it and explore. Some tombs have been there for over 2000 years.

5) Museo De Oro- This is a museum that is filled with Inca history and many pieces of gold that were used thousands of years ago & it is here where I saw my very first mummy too!

6) If you are a fish eater, don't plan on eating it in the evening. We were dying for some ceviche at night but were told that it is not customary to eat this after lunch.

7) Ceviche- A customary Peruvian dish that consists of chilled white fish cooked in lime juice, garlic onions. Eat it cold. It is divine!