Just In Time For Summer Time

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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Deliver Lean and was asked to review their food quality and service. Since my husband and I try and eat healthy on a regular basis anyway, I figured I'd give it a shot and see how well the program fit into our eating lifestyle.

With summer around the corner.. who wouldn't want to join a program that could help you fit into that new bikini?

One thing that immediately stood out to me about this program was the variety of menu options they provide.

Traditional // Paleo // Gluten Free // Organic // HCG // OnJuice // RX Meals // Baked By DL

Traditional: designed to help you reach a healthy body fat
Paleo: four entrees a day to keep your diet on track
Gluten Free: designed specifically for busy people looking to lose weight fast
Organic: best for busy professionals or stay at home moms looking to lose weight
HCG: formulated specifically for those adhering to this strict diet
OnJuice: organic, cold pressed juices
RX Meals: reversing and preventing chronic disease
Baked by DL: desserts ranging from 90-300 calories that may be eaten in moderation 

After talking to some friends about this program and others,  I received feedback on other programs that they tried in the past with many complaints from delivery times to being inconvenient with their daily schedule.  Unlike similar programs, Deliver Lean delivers three times a week to your home or business between the hours of 12:00am-6:00am. 

Each meal is packed in an individual plastic container that has the name of the meal, calories, protein and carbs listed on the front. It is such a great feature to see exactly what you are putting into your body before you eat it!

Although Deliver Lean is a diet plan, they do offer desserts that range between 90-300 calories because they believe everything in moderation works. How good would it feel to have yummy and healthy treats delivered to your home - brownies, biscottis, carrot cake muffins, custards, cookies and scones. 

I must admit, on my second delivery I received a gluten free brownie and it was the item I was looking the most forward to.. and boy was it worth it!

I can't wait to fill you in next week on my review of the program. I might even throw in a vlog to get you up close and personal with the food!

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