how to add personal touches to your wedding

Creating personal touches for our wedding was my favorite part! I love it when weddings have touches of the couple all over!

Here are some ways we added "us-ness" to our day:

Adding personal touches to your wedding can be very simple - do not over complicate it. Just think about yourself.. look around your house, your room. Look for the little things that make you smile.

- wooden pallets
- hand written/tea dyed cards
- handmade cake stand
- favorite color wedding cake 
- personal prints & pictures
- unique quest books: we choose the oak tree thumb print because we got married under an oak
- three chord strand ceremony
- communion
- chair signs 
- Cuban cigar boxes
- table names with Cuban provinces

You see, all of these things were simple to either create or find and just took sometime into knowing how we wanted to incorporate them.  I promise, when you walk into the ballroom and see parts of you and your hubby everywhere, you will be instantly reminded what that day is all about.

Happy planning!

Erica DiazWeddingComment