On Being Scandalous

Last night I went to church and heard a simple message about a simple guy.

The message was titled A scandal called grace.

Isn't it a scandalous thing for someone to give you grace when you do not deserve it.

Grace... such a complex word. How about forgiveness for something you actually did on purpose, pouring love on your enemy, promoting someone who put you down. All things not deserved. Things done not because you want to, but out of His love.

1) Because Jesus gave grace, we can too...

2) Because Jesus rose from the ashes, you can too...

Do you think your problem is too big for the God of the universe? Is that marriage you're in just too broken? Is the sickness you have just too far along?

Live out this "scandal". Be the marriage that was restored from so much hurt and brokenness - restoration is the real scandal. Be the cancer patient that lives life to glorify God through every healing - have joy even through the midst of it all... now that's a real scandal.  Be the heroin addict that breaks free even though you have a 96% relapse rate - it's all through Him. He can restore. He can change. He can build back together what has been destroyed.

Spread rumors. Yes - spread the rumor of what He has done in your life. Our mission is to spread rumors of these scandals throughout our city. Let your church be a biblical TMZ. "Did you hear about that marriage that had no hope but through the grace of God it was restored?" - Scandalous.

There might even be days when you have to remind yourself of the rumors He did in your life. When you look in the mirror, do not look at where you've been, but where you are going. Stop walking around with dead skeletons wrapped around your neck. You are free.

*This message was preached by Carl Lentz from Hillsongnyc.com

photo sources: here and here