A Kitchen Addition

Guess what finally made its way into our kitchen this weekend.... a shiny, new refrigerator!!!

Since moving in last June, we have been dealing with a refrigerator living in our living room.

To make a long story short- the refrigerator that the house came with was from 1951 (I know crazy, right!?) and was filled with rust... you can imagine the rest. So our gracious brother and sister in law gave us their old fridge for the time being, until we could get one. Well - the fridge that they gifted us had only one problem.. it was too big for our petite kitchen ;) So to the living room it was! For 10 months that is..

But not anymore! Today marks the day that we will no longer have to travel across the house to get food while cooking!

The moral of the story... it's actually a good thing to suffer for a while because in the end, you learn to appreciate the little things in life :) Who would of ever known how much joy a fridge in the kitchen could bring!