Wedding Centerpieces

Throughout the wedding planning process, I wanted to make sure everything about our wedding reflected our Cuban vintage theme - while still being appropriate for a Sunday afternoon.

Old cigar box + white and green flowers + stacked up = perfect!

We named each table after a Cuban province, designed cards and placed them into wooden frames that my sister and I literally beat up on purpose.

Outside on the back porch of the house was a wooden pallet that strung the place cards across it. Don't ask me how this whole thing came about.. it was pretty much one of those crazy ideas you get and you just have to go with it! While of course driving everyone else crazy at the same time.. thank you hubby and brother in law!

On the day of the wedding, I had the florist assemble the centerpieces - in order to have this done right, set up an appointment with your florist a few weeks before and explain how you want them to look. Making a mock centerpiece with him/her (like we did) might help in explaining exactly what you want.

Whichever way you choose to go, centerpieces make a big statement! I recommend putting thought into the look and feel you are trying to achieve!

What were/are your centerpieces like? 

Sweet Day!!