Our Pacific Northwest Honeymoon

As we embark four months from our wedding today, I'm seriously having honeymoon withdrawals. Before leaving I was told,  "Your honeymoon should be the most memorable, spontaneous and advernture-filled trip you will take." And to be honest-looking back, it was just that.

Late nights, desert for dinner, coffee, sushi, breakfast in bed, the pacific, boat rides, steak, maple leaves, man vs. food, water falls, cozy fires and best of all - no schedules, being surrounded by love, nature and my hubby.

About our trip:

We landed in Seattle ---> drove up to Whistler, BC where we spent time on snow capped mountains ---> drove down to Vancouver where we saw water falls, city life, parks, ate lots of steak ---> took a ferry ride over to Victoria, BC which is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and slept in a b&b off of the coast ---> and finished off driving back to Seattle where we spent time in the market, golfing, drinking Stumptown coffee and being artsy with the locals! 

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