Is anyone else counting down the days until spring break?! Only four more days to go and I'm home free. I am looking forward to a week of coffee, morning shows, house decorating, lunch with my hubby and laying around. Even though it's a lot of nothing, I am so ready for it.

Here's what has been going on around here lately..

Sprucing up the house with organization-new jewelry spot

New Light Fixtures- how cool is this vintage bulb??

 Some homemade pizza nights-check back for the recipe Thursday!!

We can't get enough of this place! - can't wait to show you the new addition over the kitchen table.

Oh yeah, and we are dog sitting for my brother/sister in law.  What a roller coaster experience it has been!

How has your week been going? Any Easter weekend plans?

We are heading up to Tampa to stay with my family- We can hardly wait!