Groom & Groomsmen Attire

When it came time to dress our groomsman attire, this task became more daunting that I thought.  Not many bridal magazines or blogs spend time on the grooms/groomsmen suite or tie combinations. This might or might not be why we spent the last 48 hours before our wedding tearing apart every department store in hopes to find 9 of the same ties. Story spoiler- it didn't happen.

Suits: Instead of asking our guys rent tuxedos (too stuffy for our type of day) we found suits from Jos A. Banks and had then purchase it from wherever they lived.  This option really seemed to work for us and came out to be even cheaper than a rental (they got to keep the suit vs having to turn it in).

Ties: In our exhaustion, my hubby and I decided to stick with different ties, all in the same color scheme- which I'm sure no one even noticed.

(3) our dads and best man
(3) half of groomsmen
(3) other half of groomsmen

At the end of the day, it all worked out perfect and blended with the bridesmaid dresses.

Oh yes, and of course- my hubby wanted to surprise me on the day of with his tie (I'll admit, being a detail freak- I was a little nervous about this decision- but absolutely loved his choice in the end!)

Sweet Day! Check back next Wednesday for more of Wedding Wednesday!

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