Baker's Shelves

After moving in and a few groceries later, Gabriel and I knew we needed to figure out a way of maximizing our 1951 galley (long and narrow) kitchen storage or else space would be an issue (for this baker at least).

Then our spacious laundry room came to mind -  off to Home Depot it was!

And some major time spent staging of course ---

{I love to have cook books on display & easy to read}

{cupcakes, cakes and cookie containers/ display stands}

{stainless steel pots and pans are my fav}

{easy to find and store mixer attachments}


I believe the quickest way for a house feel homier is to have your passion on display. Weither it be art, instruments, sports or gardening-put it up.  As for me, I love to cook and bake.

How do you make your home feel homier?