At The Diaz House Lately

 With the passing of Abuela Sira last week, we decided to hold off our trip to Tampa to visit my family and reschedule for Easter weekend. I can't wait to spend our long weekend up there!!

So while we were home this weekend, we spent our time relaxing, eating, cuddling and watching golf at the Cadillac Championship Golf Tournament. Donal Trump just bought the Doral Resort (home of the tournament) and he is in the process of sprucing it up!

We got to see our favorites too.... Phil, Rory, Ricky and Tiger of course - who is actually not one of our favorites, but has a huge following so he's interesting to watch.

In the world of food, I spent some time baking my grandma's carrot cake for a dinner party we went to on Friday night! I made sure to call the night before and get all of the family secrets ;) I'll post this one soon- it was a knock out!

Being on our healthy kick, salad pretty much accompanies every meal. Chicken with salad, fish with salad, steak with salad and salad with salad. Here is a quick salmon dish I whipped up and think you should too! It's just so easy.

1. Add lemon juice, lemon peels, salt, pepper, rosemary, chopped garlic, garlic powder
2.. Broil salmon for 15 minutes

Boom- you've got yourself an amazingly healthy dish!

How was your weekend? This week we have some more painting and organizing to do. Our renovations are finally done and now it's time to put everything back in place!! We are thrilled with the results!!!! Can't wait to share!